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Today, there is immense growth in the exhaust gas turbo charger installed equipment such as diesel engines, marine engines, and traction equipment besides a host of similar installations.These installations are spread across the globe and on a rapid increase in India. On one hand growth is extremely encouraging, on the other, service capabilities and quality are inadequate.

Recently, the GDK team consolidated research inputs from prospects and customers. As part of this study, the team also evaluated the quality of service available to these installations and assessed the number of fully equipped service stations in India. The analysis revealed serious inadequacies such as shortage of appropriate expertise and timely service, experienced and trained technical professionals to give training and consultancy, lack of proper quality control, dearth of fully equipped, world-class service stations and incapacity to provide critical services like:

• Retrofitting, Operations and maintenance of diesel plants and associated installations
• Development of import substitution of spares quality of services, service stations and trained service personnel.

GDK Turbo Care Pvt. Ltd. was launched in 2003. GDK’s service station is well equipped and situated in Chennai’s popular industrial hub, Ambattur.

GDK’s team brings you trained experts with nearly 20 years of international experience in servicing turbo charger installations, diesel generators, marine and traction engines. GDK’s team is a well balanced with both technical and business experts from the industry.

Genuine Drive Knowledge

With over 20 years of expertise, GDK takes pride in our in-house competencies to overhaul and service all makes and models of turbochargers. Our customers are always assured of sound technical advice and expert solutions in improving the performance of their turbochargers.
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